Meet Brenno from Brazil: Australian college graduate, SAP consultant and keen snowboarder

We recently caught up with an Australian college graduate, Brenno Murdocco from Brazil, and found out his news since graduating. He has been in Australia now for a little over two years and has gone from delivery driver to landing his dream SAP job in Australia after completing his studies. Below, he tells us about the highs and lows of living, studying and working in another country and how with persistence, a few strategies, good planning and some good luck, you can have the experiences you dream of having in Australia.

What did you do back in Brazil before you arrived in Australia?

At college, I studied IT/computer science then in 2010 I started working with SAP in Brazil and when I finished college I came here. So from 2010 to one month before I came here I was working for SAP.

Why did you choose Australia?

I was thinking about Canada and Australia – I came here with a friend, I met him in 2010, the first day of work. Then we came here in April 2010. We were on the beach in Brazil and we were talking about going somewhere: I suggested Canada, he wanted Australia. 

Brenno at Thredbo

We figured out that working (while studying) in Australia was easier than in Canada and we were looking for a place where we could do snowboarding and we discovered that in Australia this was possible as well. I first started snowboarding in Whistler, Vancouver and Chile.

We looked at Sydney for being a main city. We considered Melbourne and Perth but decided Sydney was easier to find a job.

How did you get your current IT job with Icon Integration?

It’s kind of luck… Some people get a job in the first week or month but most people spend many months looking for jobs.

I had sent CVs for one year and this was my first interview. My friend went back to Brazil as he had sent a lot of resumes. It’s kind of luck, finding a place like Icon. Some people get a job in the first week or month but most people spend many months looking for jobs.

I was doing delivery, Uber Eats and Deliveroo – in the beginning it was harder because I was on a bicycle then after a few months I bought a scooter which meant I could work for both companies the same time. It’s hard because I had to work at lunchtime and dinnertime when everyone was partying but I didn’t have to wake up at 4:00am so there are the pros and cons.

Tell us about your studies in Australia.

The course [Diploma of IT] was easy for me because of my background. I enjoyed it a lot , most of the subjects I already know about but it improved my technical English that I didn’t use in Brazil especially talking about and listening to it. It was good in this way for me.

As I said I came here looking for a job – this is my dream come true – what I was looking for in Brazil, I finally got.

What do you think of Australia and how would you describe it?

I’m loving it here a lot, it’s hot, it’s cold, it’s windy. It’s  kind of close to the snow, there are beaches. Sometimes I go and sit and watch the ocean. It’s good. It’s a big city, you have everything. The buses are there when they are supposed to be!

It’s the Brazil that went right. Everything works. I love Brazil as well, but Australia is about the same climate, a big country like Brazil but you have a lot less problems here. There’s another thing – the wage is in agreement with what you have to spend. Of course, the rent is through the roof but you are still able to find an apartment, you are able to live decently. Even doing deliveries I was able to go out to eat well, everything I want. Of course I am not able to go to a restaurant every day of the week but I was able to do that once a week and drink my beers, barbecues, buy electronics, even doing this on minimum wage.

What advice would you give to other international students about getting a job?

Here in Sydney it’s impossible to not get a job. You have to do some kind of investment – buy a bicycle, buy a scooter, or have a white card, blue card or RSA etc. I see it as an investment but once you do that it’s impossible to not get a job. I chose the delivery (Uber Eats, Deliveroo) so I don’t have to get up in the morning at 4:00am. We have a big Brazilian community on Facebook so if you post there someone will put you in a whatsapp group for the kind of job you are looking for.

Brenno near the Sydney Opera House

If I wasn’t having a good life in Australia I would have give up looking for a proper job, an SAP job. If I wasn’t enjoying Australia I would leave.

So what’s on your travel agenda?

I went to Thredbo – 6 weekends in the last 2 years! I spent all my money on that – snowboarding.

Brenno at Jervis Bay, South Coast, NSW

After Christmas last year I hired a car and went with my girlfriend north – the Gold Coast and Brisbane. We looked for a place to stay – we went for 10 days and slept in the carfare 8 nights. We went sometimes to youth hostels just to have a proper shower or took showers at public swimming pools… it was really fun! We spent New Year’s Eve in Surfer’s Paradise. And I’m planning to go to Melbourne…and New Zealand because my mum’s coming so we’ll try to go to New Zealand if that’s possible.

Any other plans?

We still have a lot of Australia to see. I went to Jervis Bay as well.

Strangest habits of Australians?

Bare feet on the street! Even in the middle of Newtown. Sometimes a (Deliveroo) customer would come out on the street with the towel after a shower and barefoot on the street – it doesn’t make sense to me!