International Student Accommodation in Australia: Where to Stay

If you’re about to arrive in Australia or if you’ve been here for several months, your accommodation requirements differ as do the available options. Each one offers different features – it just depends on what your current needs and priorities are. Below are the most popular options for student accommodation:

Homestay: If you are coming to Australia through an education or migration agent, you may already have accommodation organised for you. Many students find that homestay accommodation is a great way to adjust to Australian life and culture. You are matched with a host usually near your place of education and will be provided with a private bedroom, an agreed upon meal plan and your host is able to provide you with information you need. The agency should also provide you with the support you need in terms of banking, transportation and queries you have about your living arrangements.

Pros: Meals, support and information readily available

Cons: Less independence

Managed Student Apartment: This option is a more expensive one but you have the convenience of having everything set up for you as well as a student community as a handy support network. Usually, internet and utilities are included as well as kitchen, bathroom and communal laundry. Included onsite are support staff, social activities, as well as study and recreation areas. Such apartments include, and

Pros: A social network, convenience and activities

Cons: A more expensive option

Private Rental: Once you have settled into international student life, many students want to look for a cheaper and more independent option. Private rental is often found through your fellow students or networks you have established after you arrive in Australia. In addition to this, there are also sites for real estate such as or or websites for share accommodation like and

Pros: Independence, affordability

Cons: More to manage in terms of finances and co-living arrangements