Welcome to Students’ Collective!

SC is inspired by the many international students, visitors and migrants in Australia who are achieving and experiencing amazing things. We believed these great stories should be shared so Students’ Collective was born.

The people in our pages have come to Australia with experience, qualifications and knowledge from around the world. They come with passion, purpose, skills and motivation. They are innovators, business leaders, artists, designers, chefs, IT specialists, psychologists, health professionals and all have one thing in common: to experience new things, to live life to the full and to learn.

Being recent arrivals in Australia and having to communicate in a non-native language, they face many obstacles. These stories are about those who have overcome the hurdles to success and experienced the joy of achievement – in employment, travel, business or study.

Our purpose is to inspire, to show you that it’s worth pursuing your goals, whatever it is that you want to do. Sometimes you just have to give it a try.

We will bring this to you in stories of people who have taken the path less travelled, one that you yourself have dreamed of taking.

We would love to write about your experience so if you would like to share your story – please contact us!

We hope that you enjoy the stories in Students’ Collective, and most importantly, are positively inspired by them.

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